History Eraser comparison report

Jvw Windows/Internet history eraser 1.0 : Comparison report

Features Jvw History eraser Eraser (Company X) Eraser (Company Y)
Erase temporary files
Erase history folder
Clean Recycle bin
Erase windows temp folder
Clear recently run history
Clear Autocomplete URL
Clear recent programs/folders
Clear form Autocomplete
Cookie remover/Manager cookies
Index.dat cleaner
Boss key/Ie panic
File shredder
Popup blocker
Ip spam killer
PRICE $8.95 $19.95 $29.00

Purchase Jvw history eraser with free popup killer
$8.95 Only


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Software FAQ : Questions/Queries about Jvw History eraser 1.0
Web support : JvwInc Web/Online help for History Eraser
Email support : JvwInc Email support for History Eraser

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