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Ip2Ip by Jvw, Inc.

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Global IP Advertising.

Global IP Advertising or Direct IP (Internet Protocol) Advertising is a new form of advertising that uses a feature built into Windows operating systems. Recent articles have expalined how this new advertising is being used more and more. But not just the same old conventional advertising methods that have become overpriced, overworked, and somewhat ineffective. This is a relatively new, innovative, technologically advanced method of delivering your advertisements quickly to millions of new customers.

In today’s world to succeed you must make your presence known! If you don’t your competition will.

The big companies spent millions on their advertising, but now YOU can run an advertising campaign that can reach literally millions of customers INSTANTLY without spending millions of dollars. You will do this by utilizing a new software technology that harnesses the power of 87% of Windows operating systems to deliver your advertising messages. Direct IP Advertising even works when a computer user is not connected online. We have made this software very affordable so that anyone who wants to have their own opportunity to prosper from this new advertising software.


Platform Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Browser Any
Size 449 KB or 0.44 MB
Software price $6.95 only : Buy here

Ip2Ip by Jvw, Inc.


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  You can choose delivery of your advertising messages by either IP addresses or domain names!
  Adjust the delivery speed of your advertising messages.
  Add any list or combination of lists to your advertising campaign.
  Edit your delivery list directly from the software.
  Save your delivery list(s) to the software’s memory for future use.
  Remove a delivery list from the software’s memory, or from the main software screen.
  Add or delete a single or multiple item(s) to your delivery list directly from the main software screen.
  Get free Ip lists for countries and U.S states with purchase.
  Free updates.
  This software come free with Direct desktop marketing for RSS and blog.



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You may download the software FREE by clicking here.(Limited version)
You may purchase the software at Jvw Store or by clicking the below URL.
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