Article content Re-Writer

Article content Re-Writer

Content is the king according to the search engines. So you follow the rule and create content in the form of writing an article which you can submit to blog directories and article sites.

But there is a problem :(

The same article you submitted over and over again to various sites will not help your content a great deal. Because duplicate content is not liked by Search engines.

So what do you do ???

You obviously will not write a new article for each and every site you wish to submit to ? RIGHT ?!

Thats where the re-writing comes handy.

The Jvw Article content re-writer is the simplest of tools that will help you in re-creating your entire content without any brain work from your side(Well actually no kinda work from your side). Just click a button and you’re done !


Article content  Re-writer

1. Start the application
2. Paste your content where it reads “Your Original Article/Content goes here…” in the section ‘Original Article’.
3. Click on REWRITE button or press ALT + R.
4. Within few seconds your entire content will be re-written in the Text area ‘Re-Written Content 1′ and ‘Re-Written Content 2′.

1. Re-Creates your entire content with a click of a button.
2. Gives you 2 options to choose from.
3. Target a whole new site with 1 single content and with same meaning but with different words.
4. Easy to use and simple to understand.

[Resell rights price for Article content Rewriter]
a)Simple Resell – $27
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b)Co-branded – $37
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c)Branded – $77
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