Jvw Sales page creator software

Sales page creator cdSoftware : Sales letter creator software with resell rights
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Price : $19.95
Source code (VB.NET) : $99.00
Branded under your name : $99.00
Features :

  • This amazing application guides you step by step as you carefully craft your sales-letter.
  • It is like 2 softwares combined. Webpage creator + Sales page maker. Hence you get the power of 2 in 1 incredible application.
  • It is a Step By Step Process – You just fill in the blanks. The software will not only create the sales page for your but it will also format it completely.
  • It also Builds The Web-Page For You! – Why buy an expensive webpage maker software and then hire a sales writer to write a web copy for you. Just use Jvw Sales page creator software which does the work of both with total ease.
  • Did i tell you how easy it is to use this software ? – Even a 10 year old can use it and create awesome sales pages. Hell you can even put it on the desktop of your data entry personell and see them generate sales pages one after the another in no time.
  • Make Your Own Templates – Press the “save” button to save your template and when you’re next creating a sales letter , you can load the template again into the software and only change the product details. Most of the other details can stay the same.
  • This software is FAST !!! The “Jvw Sales Letter Creator” is very fast and easy to use desktop application. Earlier I had to make the webpage , then check whether the html code was proper, then after tweaking the error filled html webpage I had to re-edit the whole thing so that it looked like a sales letter. Not anymore. I can do this all in 15 minutes or less.
  • 3 templates to choose from – To make your job easier you have been given screenshots of 3 different types of templates from which you can choose a “type” so that you can go ahead and create your sales page easily.

    Order Jvw Sales page optimizer Custom/source code version ($99.00)
    Custom or source code


    Order Jvw Sales page creator Desktop version ($19.95)
    Download Sales page creator software

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