Jvw Advanced Email harvester : Email scavenger

(Advanced email extractor that extracts based on keyword search through google)

Jvw Advanced Email harvester is a professional email extraction tool that can extract emails from the world wide web on basis of keywords you provide. When you want to avail the service of the paid mail lists, you do not have the privilege of getting the targeted email addresses. Jvw Advanced Email harvester is a unique tool to extract targeted Mailing lists , Keyword-based email extraction from search engines , Email extraction from websites & Email extraction from local files which can help you in internet marketing plus give you an advantage over your competitor.

With the package (Jvw Email extractor) you get one of the best softwares for extraction(Jvw email address extractor 1.0 and Jvw Advanced Email harvester 1.0).
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Search Engines – Specify a keyword (or key phrase) and the application will start looking for emails related to the phrase. It first connects to the search engines, finds Internet sites that match your keyword (key phrase) and then automatically extracts email ids from these sites. As a result, you create your own custom and highly targeted email list.
Internet Sites – Specify a website URL and the software will spider all emails on the page..
Local Html or text files – Specify local files (Text, HTML, etc.) on your local drive and it will extract email addresses from your files.

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Features / Advantages

  Extracts from google using keyword based search.
  Extracts from the world wide web(spider google).
  Extracts from target areas.
  Also Save URLs
  Extract only targeted email server addresses.
  Option to save emails extracted
  Option to edit email filters
  Free Updates
  Easy to use
  Supports Windows 98 and higher
  Free email address extractor with bulk email address extractor




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Note : Sales of this software has been discontinued by us because it is now considered a spamware in USA.