Jvw’s Answer me now (Jamn) is the next generation solution to Internet search made.

What is Jamn :
Jamn is a internet search solution & Search engine optimization software / desktop application that works on human technology rather than bunch of servers, search engines and ever changing algorithms put together to deliver you an answer to your searches made.

The software works on a simple technique where questions or searches made to your querry have already been entered somewhere by someone and a right search result(s) / answer has already been provided.

Few simple reasons why Jvw’s ‘Answer me now’ content extractor and content creation software scores over querries made on search engines or forums.

  • There is no rating system when it comes to search engines. Search engine algorithms are created and controlled by the search engines. Top results are not ranked or rated by the users.
  • Search engines show results based on algorithms which are usually broken or bent by search engine optimization experts.
  • Time – You can find out your Right answer through Forums or search engines but it can take time which one might not have.
  • Your questions/searches can vary
      1. How do i earn money on the internet
      2. How do i control my diabetes
      3. Better to learn Java or Microsoft’s C#
      4. Which are the best Home business techniques
      5. Who can help me optimize my website
      6. Which is the best football player in the world

    Note : Search engines will only give you vague answers or webpages related to your searches but ‘Answer me now‘ will give you the RIGHT answers each and every time you ask a question.

Search industry is changing – More Social – More human

-> Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, is about to launch a new search tool, with search results that will rely on users’ input and open source software.
-> A transparent set of ranking algorithms will be used for Wikia Search (wiki-inspired search engine project) which shall be spam friendly to promote only good material at the top.
-> With the motto If you cannot find it by using this site, it doesn’t exist EarthFrisk.Org launches the first ever Meta Social Hybrid Search-Engine.

Content creation software
Yahoo answers extractor sold as Write Right FAQ with rebandable rights

Content extractor
Everyone is getting into Social search. Where are YOU ?
Why Jvw’s Answer me now

This search solution desktop application is easy to use and can give you instant answers when you follow step by step process :

  1. Search : Type in your search term.
  2. View : You will have in front of you bunch of questions related to your search.
  3. Find the answer : Select the question nearest to your search and see the answer.
  4. View all : You can also skip the above step and see all the answers to the questions listed in step 2.
  5. Restart : You can either save the results or do a new search as per your liking.

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Features / Advantages

Content extractor software

  Find what you want instantly.
  Has a human touch to the answers.
  A time saver – You get the answers in the least possible time. Forget BROWSING the SEARCH ENGINES for answers.
  You can call it the human search engine software.
  Everything is easy and fully automated with this package.
  For your site – Get fresh theme based and ‘keyword based’ relevant FAQ content.
  No need to wait – Get your answersFAST !.
  Free Pdf ebook explaining how you can make your searches faster and easier.
  Better performance than search engines or message boards and forums.
  Read the direct answer or See related questions and answers to your search made.
  Includes free ebook.
  Save in easy to read format for future reference.
  You will also receive Free tech support/guidance on purchase of this package.


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