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Jvw Article extractor helps you find articles and free web content with ease. Find all types of articles – Internet marketing articles, science articles, health articles and more.

  • Better search engine rankings and increase in traffic.
  • Helps you in reaching your target audience fast, easily and more effectively.
  • Includes Free Article submitter software as bonus.
  • Research and project work – Find science articles, health articles in the fastest possible time.
  • Website content

    If you run a website or a blog then you might know how important content development and use of fresh content is in determining the website ranking of your website/blog. Search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN are looking for high quality content rich websites that update daily. If you plan to write articles or content for your website then it may take you a long time to finish a good number of quality pages. Hiring a freelancer to write good quality web content or articles is a good option but only for those who have money in abundance. Even then you can’t be sure that it’s your money’s worth and you get good genuine content which will have no grammar, spell errors.

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    Fresh Content

    What do you do in such a situation to get fresh content with articles?
    Answer: Use Jvw Article extractor and extract quality content in 3 easy steps.

    1. Enter the topic you want content for.
    2. Extract the article using a single click.
    3. Save it or apply adsense, Dynamic date, Subject and keywords to the html code and then save.

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    Content rich pages

    One of the biggest problems a website developer faces is the challenge of managing rich web site content in an already designed website. Some companies have a content development team which takes care of this section of the website. The team’s main aim is to compile fresh web content for the site. This requires lot of time and effort on the part of the team. Problem here is that not everyone has a content development team nor does everyone have the time to find free web site content and apply it to their webpages, daily. It can be a tough job for a website owner running the entire website all by himself to find free article and apply it to his webpages in the form of content. This can be done and is a solution but it requires daily time, effort and lot of searching just to find article relevant to the website.

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    Free Copy of Article Submitter

    Free article submitterPost your articles easily and effectively to 100s of article submission sites. Note: With this software you can establish yourself as an expert in your area, make more sales, get more traffic, increase your alexa rating and Google pagerank and much more…

Why A Content Extractor?

(Why do I need the Jvw Article Extractor?)

Everyone on the web today is talking about the best ways of search engine optimization and the one word that comes out is “Content”. Yes, add good quality content to your site daily and the search engines will fall in love with your website.

If you have any of the problems listed below then you need Jvw article extractor:

  • I do not have enough content for my website.
  • I do not have web content for my blog.
  • I have a topic but I want free content and articles for the same and I am not able to find it.
  • I can’t get my search engine rankings higher.
  • My website hits are getting lower.
  • I do not have time to write web content.
  • I do not have time to find article.
  • I do not know how I can get free web content for my site.
  • My website and service is good but I am not getting visitors because of content on my site.
  • I am not able to get repeat visitors at my web site.

Features and Screenshots

  • Better search engine rankings and increase in traffic.
  • Helps you in reaching your target audience fast, easily and more effectively.
  • Time saver – Get fresh quality content in a matter of few seconds. Average time to find article, search list, extract content and compile a page is 50 seconds.
  • Find article – Find article is old and extract free article is in. Just get the free article of your choice on click of a button.
  • Get Free article for yourself. Get hundreds and thousands of articles of your choice by click of a search button. Compile and save according to your convenience. Option of adding Google adsense code as header or footer in the extracted html code before saving or uploading.
  • You get free quality and fresh theme based relevant content (Which google loves) for your website. (Free of cost from quality content writers).
  • Content development – Content development no longer takes time and strategy. Use the software and have fresh content ready in few seconds and at no effort.
  • A money maker – Make money using the free web content that search engine loves along with the option of adding a combination of adsense code.
  • Free content – No need to spend time and money in writing articles when you have Jvw article extractor which will fetch you free content in matter of seconds.
  • Efficiency – Get high quality content rich articles which have already been accepted by various sites and search engines. No need to check for links and spelling errors.
  • Research and project work – Find science articles, health articles in the fastest possible time.
  • You will also receive free tech support/guidance on purchase of this package.
  • Also includes a free html editor now along with free blogging promotion ebook.
  • Save and upload – Either save the html code or the file in text/html format or upload the extracted article to your website using the inbuilt ftp program.

Some screenshots of the Content extractor software

Step 1 for Article extractor - Enter keyword and see the list of articles. Step 2 for Article extractor - Choose the Title of the article and extract it. Step 3 for Article extractor - View in browser or check the Html code , Option to insert adsense.

Get Fresh content articles for your website in 3 steps and 25 seconds using the Jvw article extractor for content.

Some Testimonials

fantastic tool … thanks for developping it. Gregg
“Ashish, thanks for a great product, very professional!!! I’m certainly happy about finding you and your site. I hope to develop not just a relationship based on buying branded software, but one of friendship. Keep up the excellant work friend. My future just got a little brighter simply by bumping into you, thanks again” ~Robby~


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