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Jvw Blog ExpRSS
(RSS , News and Blog reader software creator)

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Jvw Blog exprss (ORSS) package to create RSS readers Jvw Blog expRSS - RSS reader , Newsreader and Blog reader software creator : An alternative solution to EmailUnspam.

Are you one of those whose newsletter and ezine viewership is going down.Are YOU the one whose Boss is yelling because he did not get the email he was supposed to get.Are you the one whose email marketing strategy is yielding no results ?

With so many email ids/email messages and aggressive online marketing to the users, getting your message within direct reach of end users and customers requires a Herculean effort.Your advertising is lost in the chaos and clutter of the wide email and Internet arena.So now the question is, how do you acquire and retain customers and news letter readers, your blog subscribers and increase your overall revenue from these ezines and blog?

Do not worry BECAUSE we have the answer.

Using the RSS technology the people at Jimmy's Value World have come up with a solution for you that can help you :

  • You can let your users read your blogs with the software compiled.
  • Create a brandable Blog's RSS reader , news aggregator software.
  • Distribute news and information to your readers on a daily basis without being obtrusive.
  • Get 100% viewership rate for your ezines, blogs and newsletters.
  • Direct messaging to users desktop without being blocked by any software or technology.
  • Give users/clients/customers/employees with updated information and news.
  • No email spam issues such as :

      1. Emails being blocked.
      2. 'Mail daemon failed' and message bounce back.
      3. Emails getting stuck in spam folder, by spam filters.
      4. Getting your email blacklisted due to bulk emailing with email extractors.

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Emails / Newsletters / Ezines / Product release / News etc..

As E-mail spam keeps growing, and email marketing becomes a 'mainstream' marketing tool for EVERY Internet and ecommerce business, you have more and more competition to deal with.Your customers get 50-150 e-mails per day on an average basis now.With so many emails per day the attention an individual e-mail gets is divided.Chances are that your email has directly been forwarded to the spam folder.

WE understand what you are going through.

With Jvw Blog ExpRSS all you need to do is send out the download link of the customized Exe(Created with ORSS - see output image in screenshots) to your subscriber or customers as FREE gift.

The download takes just seconds, even on dialup. It's just 65kb! The install is absolutely seamless and the configuration of the program is very intuitive.

Because emails and blogs need to be more personalized.
Is your marketing Email AD in the spam folder?

Reach up to 100% of Your Mailing list and Increase Sales & Revenues by following Spam Filter Bypassing methods.

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Features / Advantages

  • Send message directly to your customer's desktop.
  • Blog reader - Most personalized way to distribute your blog.
  • Your own branded Rss reader / Blog reader or news aggregator exe
  • Increase your email ad, Newsletter and ezine viewership rate.
  • Instant updates and latest information to your viewers.
  • No need to worry about spam filters and spam blocker softwares.
  • No More Bounces or Mail daemons of emails.
  • Instant communication - Reach your target audience fast, easily and more effectively.
  • No spamming or use of bulk email extractors now.
  • Newsletter, update content need not be in text format only.It can be HTML with links, images and banners too.
  • Small in size and easy on resources.
  • Remains in startup tray.
  • No problem even if user keeps changing his/her email id.
  • Branded RSS reader, newsreader software creator using compiler.


Jvw Blog ExpRSS (ORSS) - Blog reader , Rss reader, Newsreader creator software
Compiler screen

Email   Application name   Blog/Rss URL   Website Url

Jvw Blog ExpRSS (ORSS) - Compiler exe which you can send to your subscribers, clients.
Demo Output screen

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Entire package costs $29.95.
You may also purchase this Blog reader and other items at Jvw store or Jvw shop.
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