Now is the time to BLOG

(Blogging Ebook by Jvw)

Blogging ebook by Jvw called Now is the time to Blog covers important aspects of blog promotion and marketing like Blogging errors you should avoid, blogging tweaks, best techniques for blog marketing.It is very important to blog in the right manner in order to get the best out of your blogging efforts because blogging without a proper guidance and technique will not help your search engine promotion effort in any way.

If you are one such blogger who has just installed the blog using fantastico or Free hosted blog, paid a freelancer to install blog script on your website hoping to get website hits out of the daily blog posts you write then there are more chances that your money and effort is going into vain. This ebook will not only teach you promotion techniques for your blog but will also educate you about the common mistakes you should avoid in order to get the maximum out of your blog.

WHY YOU SHOULD be interested in Jvw Ebook ‘Now is the time to Blog’.

  1. Techniques to get More Traffic to your weblog.
  2. Methods for Better management of your blog.
  3. To ping and where NOT to ping.
  4. Blogging and pinging is not enough.
  5. When and how much to blog.
  6. What is Trackback and Why is Trackback important in blog marketing.
  7. Tweaks required for your blog and Where to find the tweaks.
  8. Mistakes you dont wanna make while blogging.
  9. Techniques for increase in viewership rate , subscribers for your blog.
  10. What is replacing ‘Add to favorites’.
  11. What is replacing reciprocal linking (link exchange).

Promote your Blog effectively
By Jvw

Ebook specially for blog marketing :

No matter how awesome your blog is or how informative your blog is if the blog is not getting any website traffic then it is not worth having that blog.A blog in itself is a promotional weapon but you have to optimize it and promote it carefully to get it work for you.This ebook will tell you how to get massive traffic to your blog.

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Features / Advantages

  Easy guide and reference in PDF format – Easy to read and small in size for download.
  Includes free ebook called ‘blog in a box’ – Download ‘Blog in a box’ free of cost with this incredible ebook absolutely free.
  Increase exposure to your blog – The number of hits and referral traffic will increase from search engines and websites.
  Increase in sale – An increase in hits will in turn lead to an increase in sales.
  Increase in links for your blog website hence increasing the chance for a higher Google Pagerank value.
  No more waiting period.Msn, Yahoo, Google, ALLTheWeb, Altavista and other search engines will index and list your site faster than before and at no cost.
  Increase in subscriber , viewership rate of Blog and Rss.
  Two Tags that will promote your blog like crazy.


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