Bulk Pagerank Checker Software

(A tool to check pagerank of websites and blogs in bulk)

About: This is the best mass pagerank checker software that is available in the market. The Bulk Pagerank checker software comes in 3 varieties.

1. Simple pagerank check: Here you enter the domain or website url and the software will show you its resulting PR.

2. Multiple pagerank checker: Load a bunch of websites or domains and the software will display the PR of all those links.

3. Link extractor: The Pr checker tool will extract links from any website or webpage you enter and then display the pagerank of all those links found on the website/web page.

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  • No need of a fake pagerank checker as this software only displays the correct PR of all the links.
  • Scans all the links but displays only the ones you need. Example you can choose the minimum pr this tool should display and it will only output the links that meet the requirement.
  • Easy to use / Simple interface / Works on Windows XP and higher.
  • Includes PHP script to check PR.
  • Has an in-built link scraper function.
  • Does all your work. Now no need to hire link builders or any other Seo tool for your blog commenting.


Order: So how much does this Mass pr checker tool cost ?

$39.95 ONLY !

No need to buy those expensive seo tools for hundreds of dollars that need to be paid for on each upgrade. Just order Jvw’s Bulk Pagerank Checker software and get free upgrades for life.

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The product has been discontinued and is no longer available.