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An article in the June 2004 issue of Time Magazine reported that 40% to 70% of email sent to the four major ISPs is deleted at the server. Those ISPs are MSN (including Hotmail), Yahoo, Earthlink and AOL. That simply means that there's a very good chance that your legitimate email is not getting through to those subscribers using those ISPs.
A recent study also shows that as high as 46% of permission based email messages are being BLOCKED by the Top 15 ISPs.

If you publish any type of email publication, there's a likely chance that your e-zine is NOT reaching a portion of your readers. Reason : -> Their Internet service provider (ISP) or email program uses a spam filter. These software programs search for words and phrases that are typical of spam and assign each incoming e-mail a 'score'. If your e-mail has too many of these words and phrases, you receive a high score, and you may be blocked.

Jvw Filter cutter 1.0 is for all email users, General and business (Specially internet & email marketing , people using software like Email harvester) who need to get their emails through the Spam Filters and not get it stuck in the spam folder.

Note :
  • Although it is true that two of the giant ISPs do not weight HTML e-mails negatively (AOl/MS), an html email can trigger off spam filter.

  • Most of the words that you see cleverly disguised are not what causes most of the problem. It's combinations of words that causes the problem.

Is your business mail in that spam folder?
Is your marketing email in the spam folder ?

Direct Newsletters, news and info to customer's desktop

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Reach up to 100% of Your Mailing list and Increase Sales & Revenues by following Spam Filter Bypassing methods.

Alert :
This software may be used only for genuine business purpose and internet marketing.We are strictly against spam and spammers.

Features / Advantages

  Convert your email message into a spam filter friendly email.
  Convert your spam rated email to unspam by knowing the Spam score
  Suggested Replacement words for the trigger words in your email
  Power words you can use in your mail
  Auto replace/Auto correct feature.
  Check to see if your domain or Ip are blacklisted.
  We update the keywords database more often then most spyware scanner companies update their spyware database.
  Easy email editing
  Easy to use
  Free filter buster


Gets your email through the spam filters

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