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Jvw’s Exit Intent Popup creator software is one of a kind that can not only increase your website conversion rate but help you in increasing your email opt-in subscribers. Poxit Software will also improve your bounce rate which will in turn improve your website rankings. This is how the software works: Your website viewers will visit your website and check what all is there on the website and when they are about to leave your website a popup (also called exit overlay) will pop up in front of them offering them an incentive or notice.

Exit Popup Creator

Exit Popup Creator Software

Exit Intent Technology Used To Create Popups That Convert

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have put in their maximum effort to gain attention from each and every direction. Get attention from Eve, Get attention from spouse, get boss’ attention, attention of potential clients and so on…

On the World Wide Web, webmasters have been trying to get this attention using popup creator software since early 2000.

Then came popup blockers and popup killers which lead to browsers becoming more strict and installing a popup stopping mechanism in the browser directly.

This pushed marketers to create dhtml popup makers and smart exit popups which do not work like the previous and annoying predecessor popups of the browser.

This lead JVW to create POXITThe best exit intent popup software in the market.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. One time fee of $17 only.
  3. Downloadable – Can create unlimited exit popups 24 x 7 even with no internet.
  4. Free popup maker script with purchase of Poxit.
  5. Exit intent popup code also available when generating the popup.


  1. It does not work on mobile.
  2. It is a desktop application and NOT an online script or wordpress plugin.

Think of it as a lead generation & marketing tool and not just an exit intent software as at the end of the day it works for you in getting your sales and marketing task done.

Exit Intent Popup Software

With the help of POXIT, you will be able to create 5 types of exit popups:

  1. Image – Let your website visitors have a look at your attractive banner or graphics marketing material just before they leave.
  2. Notice – The type of message you need your website viewer to see which will keep him/her on the site. Example, a discount code announcement. The 2nd most popular type of an exit intent pop up. If you want the user to visit a particular link or download something then choose this.
  3. Yes/No – Use this type of popup where you give the viewer a “NO” option along with the “YES” so that the user feels he has a single choice to make. On an average creating an exit popup by this method increases your conversions by at least 30 to 40%.
  4. Email Opt-In – The most popular exit intent popup. Make viewers who’re about to leave your website to subscribe to your email list before they exit.
  5. Custom – Do not be limited by the templates and exit overlay examples given with the software; Use your html code to generate your own personal exit intent popup.

Engage visitors, grow your email marketing list & convert your cart abandoning visitors into customers.



Will it work on any website?

Yes, it will work on any website. You just need to install the Exit Intent popup Script on your webpage.

Is it a WordPress plugin?

No, it is not an exit popup plugin; it is a desktop application which works as an Exit popup Generator. Yes, the script generated will work on WordPress or any other CMS.

How much does it cost?

Unlike other companies we do not charge $50 or $100 per year. Cost of the software is only $17. It is a one-time cost and is a single user license. You can install it on a single PC.

Any additional benefits?
  • No Exit popup plugin required for wordpress.
  • No knowledge of jquery coding required.
  • Free popup maker.
  • Free support.
  • Works with any website or marketing tool for the purpose of onsite retargeting.
  • Exit intent technology works with all platforms including Html pages, Aspx pages, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, & Drupal.

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