Jvw File and Folder Hider 1.0

(Hide folder / Hide files application for security)









Hide folder and Keep prying eyes away from your private files. Have you ever wished there was some way you could protect your files & folders and private information from the curious eyes of “others” who use your computer? With Jvw file and folder hider you can lock folder, BLOCK & HIDE any file or folder you do not want accessible to others.

Jvw file and Folder hider lets you hide folder and protect your personal files, folders, pictures from unwanted viewing by family, friends, co-workers and other unauthorized users.It can lock folder and files in a second, unlike slow encryption programs. With a simple click your files within the folder can be locked and unlocked. Once locked, your files cannot be renamed, deleted, read, or even seen.

With Jvw File and folder hider you can even lock your favorites folder and my pictures folder.


Features / Advantages

  All file(s) get locked / hidden inside the folder.
  Hide Images, images folder
  Hide folder – You can hide folder of your choice.Favorites folder, Image folder, music folder, Important documents folder etc.
  Lock folder – You can lock the entire folder so that nobody can view the files within.
  Very low on memory and very small in size
  Easy to use
  Free Updates
  Bundled with complete security and privacy application.



Screenshot for Jvw file and folder hider 1.0


You may download the software FREE by clicking here.
(Free software to Hide folder with the 7 day trial version.)
Platform : Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Size : 1.48mb


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