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History Eraser HELP !

1)Usage : Eraser

Jvw History eraser 1.0 screenshot
Image B.1

Cookie manager to remove cookies
Image B.2

  • Select the option which you wish to use.Click on 'Select all' button to choose all.
  • If you wish to keep some of the cookies then please click on 'Cookie manager'[Image B.2] button and delete only those cookies you wish too.(Unchceck the 'Clear Cookies folder(IE)' [Image B.1] after that).
  • You will need to restart to clear the index.dat files.

    2)Usage : Popup Killer

    Popup killer section of Jvw history eraser
    Image C.1

    Popup killer Whitelist sectionList of open IE windows
    Image C.2Image C.3

  • Kills each and every popup when 'Activate Ultimate Popup killer' [Image C.1] is enabled/Checked.
  • To allow a specific popup add it to the whitelist with the whitelist manager [Image C.2] by clicking on 'Whitelist'[Image C.1] button.
  • In case a popup is missed then you can add it to the blacklist by clicking on 'Add'[Image C.1] which will show you 'List of open IE windows...'[Image C.3]
  • To allow a specific popup, press and hold 'CTRL' while you wish to open the popup.

    3)Usage : Ip Blocker

    IP spam blocker
    Image D.1

  • Click on 'Kill / Block Ip Messenger Advertisements'[Image D.1] - This will kill all the IP ads.Click again to Disable it.
  • To Continue killing the IP ads Check the 'Keep killing of Ip Advertisements running on exit'[Image D.1].

    4)General Information

  •  Press F10 to hide all Explorer windows.Press F9 to restore.[See 'IE Panic']
  • FREE updates, Discount coupons for any purchase with Jvw.
  • For shortcuts See the Help while using the software, Or press Alt + H while focus is on the software.
  • An Icon of History Eraser will remain in the System tray.
  • For any support/sales enquiry/bug report please click here.

    4)Payment Information

  • Through Paypal/Credit card
    Buy Jvw History eraser for $8.95 or download trial version free
    $8.95 Only