Jvw Article extractor – Help

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1)Article search

Article search - main
Image A

A) Choose the number of articles you wish to download(10/20/50).
B) Enter your keyword in the textbox and press “Go >>” or hit enter.
C) Select the article you wish to extract and press “Extract selected Article” button.
D) You may also extract and save all articles by clicking on Save all.
E) Press next to go to the next screen.

2)Extracted Article

Extracted article in html format
Image B1
Extracted article
Image B2

A) Here you will see the extracted article’s html content(Image B1).
B) Click on Html(Image B2) and you will be able see the extracted code in html format.
C) You can copy html to clipboard by pressing the button “Click here to copy html to clipboard”.
D) If you wish to insert auto date or adsense , subject then click on “Click here to make an insertion”.
E) Click on “Save as” to save the article or “FTP Upload” to use Ftp client.

3)Save all from Article search

Extracted articles downloaded to your computer's directory
Image C1
Jvw Ftp client
Image C2

A) If you had clicked “Save all” after the article search then all your articles will be extracted and saved as html files in “Articles” folder along with a text file containing all the content.
B) You also have the option to Upload all these files using the inbuilt FTP program (Image C2).


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