Jimmy’s Value World offers Internet marketing, Search engine optimization training, website promotion and Website analysis along with services like, Software development and Web development.

Search engine optimization of your website with high ranking results Search engine optimization training videois what you can expect from our SEO services (Check here our affordable search engine optimization prices). With a 93% success rate combined with very competitive prices you can be confident when choosing us as your search engine optimization consultants.

We are based in Baroda, India and have experience in all areas of search engine marketing, search engine optimization, website promotion, placement, positioning, Internet marketing and link building. Our bespoke search engine optimization services and flexible pricing structures are ideal for large companies, small business startups and individuals.

Operational since 1999, we have provided designing and search engine optimization training services to companies throughout the World. Our client’s high search engine rankings have resulted in the below -:

  • increase in website visitors of between 100% – 1,500%
  • increase in sales of up to 700%

(Note : We specialize in Google rankings , BING rankings , Alexa rankings & Yahoo listings)


Search engine optimization training

    • Tips on promotion, Internet marketing and email marketing.
    • How to get indexed the fastest on major search engines.
    • What to do in order to get the highest possible ranking on search engines like Google, Msn and Yahoo.
    • What NOT to do with your website.
  • Latest trends in Search engine promotion.
  • Reciprocal Link exchange and link management.


FREE Search engine optimization training package


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The Free Search engine optimization training package includes 10 chapters :

-Basics of Search engine optimization.
-Best way to get content for better SEO.
-Podcasting : Step by Step guide.
-How you can get More Traffic to your weblog.
-Increase subscribers for your BLOG with these techniques.
-Advanced blogging topic.
-Why Blogging and pinging is not enough.
-How to get your website noticed fast.
-The age old question When and how much you should Blog.
-Best way to Management of Blogs.
-How to make money on the internet with Google adsense.

Seo ServicesYahoo listing

  1. Report after website Analysis. – Check it out FREE.
  2. Website submission and webpage tweaking.
  3. Submission of URL to search engines and directories.
  4. Finding high PR sites for you (high pagerank links) for reciprocal linking, link exchange(link swapping).
  5. Extract target emails and optimization of email.
  6. Software marketing, Submission to shareware sites.
  7. Yahoo listing and promotion though RSS solutions.
  8. Buy search engine optimization services at best cost in Mumbai.
  9. Php and cgi scripts for SEO.
  10. Ebook on Blog promotion and blog marketing.

Software (Do it yourself)Blog reader

  4. Article extractor for content – Extracts content before your coffee gets cold.
  5. Website submitter – Submit your website to major search engines.
  6. Jvw Google Rank Booster software – One of the best software in the marketing for Pagerank which can help you in finding a sites popularity on google.Also helps in reciprocal linking.
  7. Rankbooster 1.0 – Get hits and Increase your excite and alexa ranking.
  8. Jvw Spam filter cutter 1.0 – Software for email optimization.
  9. Blog expRSS – For direct customer desktop marketing, Custom RSS reader, news aggregator creator/compiler.
  10. Rss Solution package – Rss feeds, Aggregator, Rss Software and Script, RSS submitter and get listed on YAHOO free
  11. Info products (Ebooks, software) for $9.95 at infobuy section


  1. Blogging and pinging is not enough
  2. Add auto discovery to get noticed fast
  3. Management of blogs
  4. How Yahoo can help you save money and time


Guaranteed listing on YAHOO using RSS solution.
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Free email extractor

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Get listed on Yahoo Free

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VB Resell software

Rank #1 & #2 on Yahoo.com, #1 on Google.com


Free history eraser

Rank #3 on Yahoo.com


Rss submitter

Rank #1 & #2 on Msn.com, #2 on Yahoo.com and #3 on Google.com & Alexa.com


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Some results in a snapshot on MSN.com :

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and the list goes on…

free article and free content with Article extractor

Some facts you need to know before you choose your Search engine optimization company or specialist – :

SEO Woman

  • Unlike our competitors we do not do Doorway tricks or Spamming to get a high rank on the search engines.We do the procedure in a clean and professional manner. It is important to stay away from such SEO companies that do tricks which might get your site banned on search engines. People everywhere scramble from gimmick to gimmick, trick to trick to get to #1 for a general search term and sometimes they even manage to do that – but for how long ? One small tweak by Google and they are back on page number six, rank #63.
  • We actually teach the client (Search engine optimization training) as to how the whole procedure is done and work with the client as a team to improve the search engine ranking for their website. There is nothing hidden from the client.
  • We DO NOT guarantee rankings. It is impossible to guarantee rankings. “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google – Beware of SEO companies that claim to guarantee rankings, or that claim a special type of relationship with Google or other search engines. Also note that there is no priority submit for Google.com. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is by using the page at Google. We can however help your submission results show you better picture by educating you about the SEO trends.
  • We will also help you in submission of your site. Your Site Needs to Be Continually Resubmitted to Get On and Stay On the Search Engines is not true. Continually submitting to search engines will not help you in any way.
  • It is important to tweak your Webpage and meta tags. If you think meta tags are old then think again.If you want a decent ranking on the new MSN it is important that you give attention to your webpage meta tags.