Below are some of requirements Jvw is currently having.

Marketing Professionals – To market our range of products and services. This includes affiliates and companies who can promote our products using email marketing or tele-marketing.
Job openings for young talent
Designers – Adobe designers, Web Designers. These designers will mainly work on designs for webpages, blogs, videos and for software presentations.

Developers/Programmers – Php/Mysql, VC++, VB.NET. The role of the developer will be to work on new products and work on tweaks for existing products.

Latest opening –

  • Search engine optimization specialists. Main role of personnel would be to tweak webpages so that are optimized for top search engines and work upon existing and new websites with ever changing Promotion and SEO technologies.
  • Link builders.
  • Android Developers.
  • HTML 5 coders.
  • Responsive website makers.


Email your interest to HR Dept.