Version: V1.0

OS: Windows (Desktop application)

Cost: $29.95

Jvw Link Removal Tool is the latest seo software released by JVW. The software helps you remove and delete the backlinks that can get you a penalty or that can lower your rank on the search engines like Google & BING.
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The below FAQ will help you understand more about the software and what it can do for you:

What kind of a software is it? Web based?


The link removal software works on windows OS.


How much does the software cost?

$29.95 Only.

No monthly cost involved.

Free upgrades and updates up to 6 months.


Does everyone need this software?

This software is required by all sites that have built backlinks to their domains or webpages so unless you have a completely new site, you will require this software. Even the new sites will require this disavow tool sometime in the future.


So this software does all the work for me? How many functions does it perform?

Well, this software does only 1 job and it is very smart at performing that job. It just catches the bad and questionable links that are pointing towards your site.


Does this really work?

The link removal tool has been tested by Jvw on domains and pages owned by Jvw.

It sure works!



What is an unnatural link or link spam?

This is what Google states:

For example, spammy blog comments, auto generated forum posts or text advertisements with links that pass PageRank are likely to be seen as unnatural links and would violate Google’s quality guidelines.


I would like to delete unnatural links instead of disavow option.

That is a good option. Use the Link removal email template that comes with the software and request the webmasters to delete the links pointing towards your website.


I am just clueless when it comes to computers and software applications. Can I use it?

This software is as easy as a-b-c. If you can click on buttons then you can use this software easily.


How to remove unnatural links without the use of your tool?

You can also use out link removal service to remove the unnatural links that are linking to your website/domain:


I have more questions

You may contact us here or if you have a testimonial/feedback for the software then please leave it at feedback page here.





  • Very easy to use. No brains, code or knowledge to be applied on your end.
  • Catches the bad links for you while you relax.
  • Remove bad links and questionable backlinks.
  • Scan link list, html page or links from a web page.
  • Disavow friendly. Automatically creates disavow.txt for you so that it may be uploaded to or

Price: $29.95


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