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Jvw Pagerank finder software – Improves Site ranking, Pagerank and more… 

This website promotion software is an easy-to-use tool to automatically check a domain’s PageRank. It is ideal tool for finding valuable domains. PageRank or PR is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance. It matters because it is one of the important factors that determines a page’s ranking on the search results. This Website promotion software from JVW helps you find valuable domains with high PR value.

A Time saver:
This powerful application can make its way through the pages of Google.com and search for sites that have a specific PR value, based on keywords you enter. By linking to a site with high PageRank, you can increase the PR of your own website and improve your own ranking within the search engines. The problem in the past was finding the high PR sites was a very tedious and time consuming process. This website promotion tool has made the job much easier for you.

The software surfs through the pages of Google at lightning speed and produces a list of sites that have a page ranking, based on the parameters you define. You can also have your own list of domain names or URL’s and search the PR for each domain.

High Quality links:
Manually going through each and every page of Google results, for each and every keyword related to your site to find pages and link partners with high Pr is a big hassle. First you have to search google for the sites then find the PR of the site, after that you need to find the backward links to that site. You would have to do this for each and every link, because there is no way you can find enough high quality link partners in one search (unless you buy a database of HIGH PR sites worth many dollars). This takes a LOT of time and effort. With Jvw Pagerank finder software you can find High quality links in just seconds.

It is Google’s quest to provide, not just relevant results, but also the popular ones, that has made PageRank a buzzword in the internet.


Platform Windows 2000/XP/7/8
Browser ANY
Server req Php
Size 2.23 Mb
Software price $39.95 only : Buy here

Jvw Pagerank finder Software


Features / Advantages

  Increase the ranking of your website
  Boost the PR of your website
  Calculate PR with Simple Pr search
  Calculate Pr for Urls stored in a database file
  Calculate PR for Links present on a URL.
  Calculate PR and backlinks for sites using keywords.
  Faster in speed than other similar apps
  Easy to use and free technical help
  Free Updates



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