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Jvw Podcast creator 1.0

(Create a Podcast easily with this incredible podcast software by Jvw)

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A podcast is basically an audio file that is stored on the Internet (An rss file that contains audio content) that people can download to their computers , IPODS and MP3 players and listen to whenever they want.Think of a podcast as a communication tool for your business - A way to deliver any audio content to a large audience worldwide. It's like creating your own radio programme online. Podcasts can be about any topic you can think about.

The topic might range from music to talk shows to business letters to lectures, tele seminars etc.With this incredible Podcast software from Jvw , you can not only create podcasts of your choice but you can also convert any textual information to a sound file for your podcast.

A recent analysis showed :
*More than 22 million adults from United states of America own an IPod or MP3 player.
*20% of the lucrative market (Age 18 to 28 years) own a MP3 palyer or IPOD.
*29 percent of the people who own an IPod gadget or a MP3 player device have downloaded a podcast.

Which means a whopping 6 million U.S adults have downloaded podcasts (Impressive figure keeping in mind that podcasting is still a relatively new technology).

Create a podcast for the Huge market
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Possible applications for podcasting include:
  • Interview authors , leaders, internet gurus in your industry, then offering the interview using a podcast through your website or blog.
  • Offer Industry news , critical updates and upgrades info , new releases etc.
  • Target niche customers : You can provide ezines, articles or information even when the user is away from his/her computer.
  • People who speak at conferences and seminars can offer podcasts of their sessions for those people who were interested but where unable to attend the events.
  • Companies can provide critical news and update to their employees and volunteers.

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Features / Advantages

Features / Advantages of the software
  Podcast recording - Create wav file for podcast in seconds.
  Itunes compatible - Your podcast could be in front of 50 million plus iTunes listeners.
  Convert any text file to voice/sound : Example articles, lyrics, poems, white papers, tutorials, press releases, emails, business letters and more.
  Convert your ebooks to podcasts.
  Create enclosure file for your podcasts in one single click.
  Very low on memory and very small in size
  Easy to use
  Free Updates
  Also includes simple rss creator form to create a podcast or rss feeds.

podcasting ebookGet FREE copy of Podcasting for fun and profit

  • It is a detailed book written in clean and simple English so that even technophobes can understand and learn from it.
  • In the ebook filled with examples and exercises you will learn what podcasting is about, how it can operate for free, how you can listen to podcasts at your convenience and how you can begin creating your own podcasts.

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    Create Podcast easily with this incredible podcast software by Jvw

    Create podcast and rss feeds

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