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JVW Products

Resell rights – We provide a range of resale rights software products with PLR, MRR and rebrandable rights.

Exit Intent Popup creator software called POXIT that can be used as a marketing tool to improve your website’s conversion rate and bounce rate.Exit intent popup tool - POXIT

Jvw’s Answer me now – Content extractor and content creation software: You can use this software to create a list of questions and answers on any topic. This can help you understand any topic better. It can also help you in your office work, project work or in finding quick solutions to any problems that you might have. This is better than a search engine as it has a human touch to it.

Sales page Creator @ resell rights blog – Create meaningful and attractive sales pages for your website or for your email. Sales pages created with this software have a high conversion rate.

Sales page analysis and optimization software – A very simple yet powerful tool that can not only analyze your sales page but it can also help you optimize your given sales page.

Bulk PageRank Checker tool – A Mass PageRank checker software that checks Google PR and Fake PageRank in bulk. Currently UNAVAILABLE.

Article extractor – This content extractor software is similar to Jvw’s Answer me now. Extract articles instead of questions and answers from the internet and display it in your browser. This tool can be used to learn about topics or create content on your niche. A very handy tool for creation of projects.

Popup maker and Dhtml Ad generator – This desktop application is used to create JavaScript popup window ads to display popups on your webpage. These are unlike the conventional popups that can be blocked by popup blockers.


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