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Joint Venture Management Pro – The best Joint Venture software with resell rights

Joint Venture Management Pro is a nifty software which is capable of handling all your Joint Venture proposals from start to finish, proposal to implementation, idea to profits!

The Most Effective & Best Way To S.e.l.l Your Products Fast Is By Making Joint Ventures
Joint Ventures or JVs are alliances you make with other e-marketers who are already dealing in your target area and have earned their prospects’ trust through time and commitment. Common Joint Ventures include Product endorsements, Discount offers, Free products and membership, Free or Paid subscriptions and Trial offers.

If you wish to make more money, fast, without making a big investment of your precious time and money, you need to make strategic Joint Ventures.

The Best Joint Venture software in the market- Is one which has a win-win situation for your JV partner and yourself.
This is how it works :


  • Prospects get to buy from a well known source who they already know .
  • The JV partner gets a percentage or commission or whatever the terms of your JV proposal.
  • You get quick sales, traffic, hits or whatever you desired from the JV.
  • Almost always, JVs are absolutely free of cost to implement.You need this software to make many Jv Proposals.
    Why make so many JV proposals you ask
  • The Joint Venture terms and conditions may not be agreeable to both the parties involved.
  • Your JV partner might be busy with his/her own website/software promotion.
  • There are chances your JV proposal did not reach your JV partner.JV Management Pro is a powerful desktop application that will completely automate your task :
  • Sends out your JV Offers.
  • Broadcasts your Joint Venture proposal to all your JV Partners.
  • Task of Receiving Joint Venture proposals from other Internet marketing people.
  • Keeps Tracks of your JV proposals.
  • Monitors every proposal you send or receive with detailed reporting.Below is what you can do with Joint venture management pro software :
  • Broadcast un-limited number of JV proposals.
  • Keep track of each and every proposal in the database.
  • Ability to send proposals via email using inbuilt email software.
  • Keep record of JV proposals received from other internet marketers.
  • Track and display JVs using categories.
  • Keep track of emails, has the all important followup utility(Usually, JVs will get finalized on second or third follow-up.)
  • Provides complete JV information in a detailed manner.
  • Every proposal you send and receive is stored in the Database. Each and every follow-up, reply written, response is stored. Communication of every proposal can be viewed by selecting the required proposal and pressing the “View History” button.
  • Includes Help guide which teaches you all…….

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