Jvw Backup manager 2006

Did you ever open your my documents folder and find out that your personal files no longer exist there. Did you ever loose your company presentation document or your website folder because your wife or son accidentally deleted them ?

Now a days it is important that you take a backup of your files and folders on regular intervals so that you don’t loose your important files. There can be various reasons why your files go missing :

1. Wife/Child/Family member deleted them.
2. Accidentally deleted by you.
3. Lost files because of Virus.
4. Files removed because of Spyware , Malware or Trojan.
5. Cleanup by History eraser software.
6. Hard disk crash.
7. Cut and paste made on Folder or file on a Lan/Network by co-worker.

Jvw Backup Manager is a must for every windows user who wants to take automatic backup of files or folder so that he/she can have peace of mind. This incredible software can take automatic backup of your files and folder list at regular intervals. In the settings option you have the ability to autosave the files or folders according to the current date or a custom name given by you. You can also have the option of having a backup as a zip file so that you can later take a complete backup in your CD or DVD-ROM.

Jvw Backup manager is a easy to use backup software program. You can use the built in timer to schedule a back up in for any time you wish. This incredible software can backup absolutely any number folders and or files that are anywhere on your system. It can also copy the files to another location and zip them if you wish. For extra security Jvw Backup manager 2006 will even password protect the zip files.

Jvw backup manager 2006

The things you can backup with the software :

– Important office files and documents. Like your company presentation.
– Your website backup. Important webpages or the entire web folder.
– Your pictures from personal folder or “My pictures” documents.
– “My documents” folders.
– Important softwares and applications
– “Favorites” folder which contains your Internet explorer favorites.
– Backup your emails.

Now you can have peace of mind for just $9.95.
Click here to download now. (Single user license – No resell rights)

Jvw backup manager settings

If you wish to resell the software then click any of the links below (depending on the choice of resell rights you wish to have).

Cobranded – $39.95
Branded – $97.00
Source code – $111.00