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The First Generation

Boring old popup windows that could be blocked by popup blockers.

The Next Generation

Then the second generation of popups came along, known as a ‘dynamic’, or dhtml popups. These have flourished under a variety of different names such as fly-in ads, hover ads, and sticky note popups. Whereas a first generation popup would seek to open a new window either over or under the existing browser window, the second gen dhtml popups only overlay a dynamic html window or image within your existing web browser session.

Thanks to this new technique, most of the second generation popups cannot be blocked by popup blockers. They are also less irritating to visitors. However, some visitors can still be put off by the intrusive nature of a popup note appearing over the page they are trying to read, or an overlay window flying in from the top or side of the page.

Web2.0 Technology

Coinciding with the arrival of Web2.0, a third generation of attention creating ads known as Corner Peel Pages started to make an appearance. Originally only used by corporations with large advertising budgets due to their cost, this new generation of page peel ads is now available to the budget conscious webmaster as well, thanks to the release of Peel Away Ads™.

Corner Peel Page Ads work by creating a slowly moving floppy page peel in one of the corners of a webpage, typically either in the top right or left hand corner of the page, although version 2 of Peel Away Ads allows you to place them in any corner. Corner peel pages are highly noticeable to visitors because they are moving, and yet they are not intrusive and do not obstruct the visitor from reading the content on the page.

When a visitor hovers their mouse cursor over the small page corner peel, the page folds back to reveal the ad or message that the webmaster most wants to convey. If interested, the user can then click the ad which will either navigate them away from the original page to a target page relevant to the peel ad, or will open a new browser window containing the target content.

Large corporations invest serious dollars on their advertising budgets, and many hire consultants to test and track their advertising to see what provides the best return on investment for them. Peel Ads have proven themselves in this regard, which is why big corporations continue to use them. Visitors are intrigued by the dynamic peel page graphic, and are curious and motivated to move their mouse over the ad, and nearly always then click on the peel ad because of the innovation and interactivity involved on their part. Whereas a popup is “in your face”, a peel away ad simply invites interaction from the visitor.

Peel Away Ad Example


corner peel ad

Peel Ad example for a Jaguar motor vehicle. The page peels back to reveal the ad only when a user hovers their mouse over the initially small corner page peel.

Whilst appearing complex, implementing Page Peel Away Ads is actually quite easy to do. There are step by step instructional videos included with the peel ad software, and all it requires is to upload a few files to your web server and to add a small snippet of java script to your website. If you get stuck, help-desk support is provided as a part of your purchase to help you out with implementing your peel page.

Peel Away Ads™ are the first to bring this third generation ad technology to even the most budget conscious webmaster. And compared to the potential that a page peel ad has to boost your website’s profitability, adding a Corner Peel Ad to your site is really a no-brainer.

We have Peel Away Ads currently priced at only $19.95. And to sweeten the deal even further, we are including $500 worth of additional bonuses with all corner peel page orders placed today!


  • Use it for Increasing subscribers, Showing offers and news, Enticing Advertisers to promote on your website.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Improves Bounce Rate.
  • Get immediate attention of your website visitors.
  • Not heavy at all. Size of script is small.
  • Advertisements – You can rotate multiple Ads on your page.
  • Feel free to use it on as many websites as you like.
  • Get started in minutes because the package includes templates and video tutorial inside.

Single user License: $19.95 ( Buy now )

Multiple websites license: $39.95 ( Buy now )

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