Resell rights for article submission software

Article submission software by Jvw IncArticle submission software by Jvw is one of the best software with which your article can be submitted to 100s of article submission sites in the shortest possible time.

This one statement can mean you can :

-> Save time and energy when you submit article(Ezines and articles) to 100s of sites.
-> Get more traffic to your site.
-> Get more viewership for your articles.
-> Have an increase in visitors for your website in the resource box.
-> Have an increase in pagerank of your website mentioned in the article / resource box.
-> A boost in your alexa rating.

About the Article submission software by Jvw :

-> It’s the newest software added to Jvw resell rights list available at
-> The prices are
Co-Brand : $49.00
Custom : $99.00
Source code : $129.00
-> Currently this software is available free with article extractor software by Jvw.
-> There are more than 100 sites in the database(138) +25 more that are under manual fill category.
-> Additional 200+ article sites list with their pagerank mentioned is added as a part of the resell rights package.
-> Option to save articles, personal information and resource box.

What you will get :

Along with the branded software to submit article , you will also get the complete package of web page files and graphics. The package will include –
-> Sales page (which include the html files).
-> Graphics (include the screenshots and the software box shot jpgs and gifs in various sizes – Included image extensions are png, gif, jpg and swf).
-> Help files (which include the html help pages and tutorials with explanation and images).
-> Source code files (the source code for the entire software which is written in Vc++) – Note : You will get this only if you have gone for the resell rights option 3 of the source code.
-> You will also get the software’s rebrander. I.E the Rebrander for Article submission software so that you can rebrand it yourself.
-> Bonus : A FREE copy of Article submission site script which is an easy way to make thousands of content filled Adsense revenue generation pages all while letting others do the major working!

Single user license – You can purchase Article submission software for $9.95 by clicking here.

Click below on preffered version to buy the software with resell rights :
Cobrand – 49.00
Custom – 99.00
Source code – 129.00

Delivery of the Article submission software with resell rights will be made within 48 hrs of purchase made.

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