Sales page optimization and analysis software with resell rights

Software : Sales page optimizer
Price : $19.95
Web page :
Source code (VB) : $199.00
Branded under your name : $125.00
Features :

  • Analyse and optimize your sales page / web page.
  • Understand how headlines, fonts and colors are used effectively.
  • Find out how many “hypnotic” words are used in a sales page that makes the visitor click on the ‘Buy now’ button.
  • Learn the techniques like web copywriting, writing styles, persuasive phrases and power words used in any sales page.
  • Get all the information about any sales page instantly. Find : List of Bold Text used in the sales page, List of Hyper-links, List of email links, Paragraph length details & details of opening para, Total Page word count, Power words and “Hypnotic words” used, Check whether the links are Cloaked ?, Number of times the Download / Buynow / Order button links is used, Whether Bonus products are offered, Information on Headlines and Sub-headlines, Copyright Information, Email/Phone/Fax details extraction.
  • Internet details like last update date for the page, download time for the page, Background color used, Number of Inbound and outbound links, If forms are used, Fonts and Page color details, If Colors used are Web-safe or not, Number of images used along with their ALT tags and sizes, Multimedia details like Audio/Video used on page or not, Details of Javascript popups/Flash/Dhtml/Css etc.
  • Search engine optimization details like Keyword-Density Analysis, Keyword Frequency, Page Title tags and Description, Meta Keywords Used along with other Meta Tags details, Search engine position analysis, Host & Whois information

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