Rss solution package by Jvw includes Rss scripts, Rss software utility like Rss submitter and lots more.It also includes guide as to how you can get listed on Yahoo free.

What is RSS :
RSS (Really Simply Syndication / Rich Site Syndication) is a popular way to pull in news and information from around the Web.Rss allows web sites and blogs to push free web content to you easily.

You should provide an RSS feed if you want to distribute your information to a vast and fast growing community of users, who are actively looking for information on your topic.


  • Because this is going to be the hottest way of providing regular information updates, fresh content in the coming years.
  • It will help you get a free listing on Yahoo(more info in package – Ebook, Yahoo promoter).
  • Improve search engine rankings.
  • If you wish to popularise
      1. Product catalogs
      2. Newsletters
      3. Web site content
      4. Newsletters
      5. Press releases
      6. Job openings, purchase requirements

Emails / Newsletters / Ezines

You might be aware that most emailed newsletters do not reach more than 30-40% of the subscribers because of spam filtering, blacklisted domains and several other reasons.Email address extractors , Bulk email extractors and email harvesters for email marketing are outdated. The world is fast moving from a push-based information delivery (where you send information via emails) to a pull-based information delivery (where the subscriber accesses your information as and when he wants). Embracing RSS technology right now can put you on the fast track and give you an edge over your competitors who are slow in adopting this hot new technology.

RSS trend
Everyone is going RSS way.Where are YOU ?

Why Jvw Rss Solution package

Rss solution package contains all the information and tools that are required to become and expert on rss and get your site promoted on search engines.The package includes :

  • Pdf ebook tutorial.
  • Software to create RSS.
  • Rss software and script.
  • RSS Promoter.
  • Script to syndicate rss on your webpage(News aggregator / news reader).
  • Easy promotion button generator for Yahoo!(To get Free yahoo listing).
  • RSS made easy ebook FREE with package.
  • RSS Submitter.

   Rss Videos and
Search engine optimization training videos


Features / Advantages

Get Yahoo listing free and fast

   Reach your target audience fast, easily and more effectively.
  Better search engine rankings and increase in traffic. Get your RSS channel listed at major search engines such asYahoo.
  Increases Efficiency – Timely news and information is automatically there when you need it.
  Free advertising – Get other webmasters to carry YOUR articles, your messages on THEIR websites without paying a single dollar.
  Everything is easy and fully automated with this package.
  Get fresh theme based and keyword based relevant content (Which google loves) for your website. (Free of cost)
  You dont even need to submit again and again.The search engines will crawl your site whenever you’ve added new content.
  Free Pdf ebook explaining the importance and usage of the Rss software, script and package.
  Better performance than email or e-zine newsletter marketing.
  Bypass Spam filters that cause email delivery problems.
  Includes free ebook called RSS made easy
  Rss submitter helps you submit to syndic8 , Genecast , Daypop , Feedster , Blogdex , Blogstreet , Memigo , Pubsub , Bloogz , Blogmatcher , Findory , Bulkfeeds , Yenra , Easyrss , Geckotribe , FeedDirectory , News-feed , Completerss , Stepnewz , Feed-directory , Search4rss , Sourceforge , Feedsfarm , Technorati , Fastbuzz.
  A to Z about RSS of the source code blowout with Master resell rights FREE.
  You will also receive Free tech support/guidance on purchase of this package.





RSS software and script, get listed on yahoo free

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