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Jvw Blog ExpRSS
(RSS , News and Blog reader software creator)

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  1. Compiler : This is the main Rebranded(See image 1 below).Enter the details and click compile.An ORSS.exe file will be generated in the same folder which you can give away to your users.The file size should not be more than 80 KB.

    Blog reader compiler
    Image 1

  2. Email : Use an email which is associated with your blog or website in the format Image 2 as to where your email address will appear.

    This is where your email will show
    Image 2

  3. Application name : Will be displayed at the top as the title.Keep your Title related to the theme.For example if your rss url is of marketing then use a similar title :
    "Best Internet Marketing Tips"
    "Sharon's Tips on Web marketing" (See Image 3)

    This is where your application name will show
    Image 3

  4. Rss : Enter your Blog's RSS here.It is not necessary that the URL be of a Blog's RSS but any RSS file.Skip 'http://' while entering the URL(See image 4).It is recommended that you specify RSS 2.0 here.In case of Atom file(For user), convert it to RSS using services of

    Rss feeds will be displayed here - Clicking on the text will open Internet explorer window
    Image 4

  5. Website : This can be Your Website or URL you wish to associate with the exe(Mostly your BLOG url).It will be displayed at the top(See Image 5).It is a clickable URL.Skip the 'http://' while entering the website URL.

    This is where your website link will show - Like the email this too is a clickable link
    Image 5

  6. Give away : You can rename the compiled ORSS.exe to your choice and give it away as download from your website using the buttons below.See example below :

    Small button - You can provide the created exe link for download
    Download now !

    Big button - You can provide the created exe link for download
    Download NOW

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