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Why come to Jvw India for economical and effective search engine optimization ?

Effective search engine optimization is not something which happens in a day or two. Effective white hat search engine optimization is also where the search engine optimization done for your site shows results not only in the present but also in the future. What good is a search engine optimization which gets you top ranking and then pulls your site down the next week ?

At Search engine optimization India company – Jvw, an effective search engine optimization process is followed which is done using proper search engine optimization techniques which includes both ‘on page’ and ‘off page’ search engine promotion.

Time period : Let’s take an example,
Situation 1 : You offer somebody to do search engine optimization for you and after a week your site is on rank 1 in search engine but after sometime it goes down to the 10th page of the search engine rankings.
Situation 2 : You offer somebody to do search engine optimization and after 2 weeks your site is indexed in the search engines, 3rd week you are in top 25 rankings and after a month you are on the top page of the search engine. 3 months later you are still there on the top page.

What would you choose ? It doesnt take an Einstein to figure this out. You will most definitely go with Situation 2.

Overall effect :
Situation 1 : Your site is being ranked highly in the Best search engine in the world but does very badly on other search engines.
Situation 2 : Your site is ranking equally good in all the major search engines.
Situation 2 is better as it shows that your site’s base is strong and is optimized well.

List of SEO services

Providing Affordable search engine optimization services to all is our motto. Our team of SEO experts from Mumbai (India) and also from USA provide On-Page as well as Off-Page Search engine optimization services that match all international standards.

  • Complete handling of a website’s SEO on a monthly basis.
  • Competition analysis to rank better than your competitors.
  • Complete Link building management.
  • Sales promotion (Because only ranking is not enough).
  • Article writing for content and also Article marketing.
  • Blog Redesign , Seo and Promotion.
  • Meta tags and website code optimization.
  • Link building through quality links.
  • Blog comments/Dofollow blog commenting.
  • Rss / Blog submission.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • SMO – Social media optimization.
  • Keyword analysis.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Website Tweaking and website analysis.

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