Search engine optimization

Jvw provides Search engine optimization services along with Search engine marketing , website promotion, and website analysis. Search engine optimization includes all those factors that are responsible for your page ranking on the search engines from within your page/site (Internal factors). Search engine optimization can be done by proper analysis of your keywords and webpage code. Our Affordable Search engine optimization services include :

  1. Analysing your keywords for your product/website.
  2. Tweaking your webpages. This includes optimizing your ‘key tags’ like the title and meta tags in the head section of your pages, other important tags in your pages like Link tag, bold tag, heading tag, image tag and more.
  3. Checking your tags to find out if there is an error in the html code or linking. This is important as search engines do not like pages with improper html code. We will fix this for you.
  4. Check your links. Improper linking is not looked upon nicely by the search engines. Whom are you linking to (Internal and external links) ? – Are there any dead links ? – These issues will be taken care by us.
  5. Navigation : Is your site navigation proper ? – Having a proper sitemap is helpful keeping in mind the visitors as well as the search engines spiders.
  6. Content : This is now considered one of the most important things that will determine your ranking. We will check your content to see if it is well optimized for the search engines.

Why choose us ?

That is a good question ! Before choosing your search engine optimization or web promotion company you should ask yourself a number of questions :

  • What exactly am i looking for ?
  • Whats my budget ?

Questions you should ask the SEO Company :

  • What exactly are you offering ?
  • Will you Guarantee me top position on Google ?
  • How long will this take – Will you provide me schedule/report ?
  • What techniques or tactics you will be using ?

Jvw Answers :

  • What we are offering depends upon what you are looking for. We provide SEO , Web marketing, email optimization , website analysis. Our SEO services include all the 6 points mentioned above. This means we will do all on page optimization techniques that will help your website ranking. We do this manually and using software built inhouse.
  • The second answer is a big ‘NO’. We will NOT guarantee you a top position on Any company doing so is FAKE. No company or person can guarantee you top position(Mentioned by Google).
  • The SEO can take up to 7 days. A report after Website analysis can be delivered to you within 2 days. Website marketing and promotion is however an ongoing process.
  • Thanks for asking. We will use all proper techniques that are advised by google and other top search engines. Bad techniques of SEO are a strict ‘NO’ – Like same color text as the background and Doorway pages can get your website banned. When we offer search engine optimization training and always advice to follow a proper procedure recommended by the search engines.

Search engine submission(Also in Jvw store) can help you gain link popularity and exposure for your business. We will submit your website to seo friendly directories and search engines. Some of the directories we submit to are 6), 6), 9), 6), 8), 6), 7).

Check below our prices for directory and search engine submission :

Number of directory links Price Time Order
50 $29.95 3 days
100 $39.95 1 week
150 $49.95 12 days
1. Analysis of website with report: $45.00
2. Tweaking after the analysis and report: $125 (Includes Analaysis and report)