• Search Engine Optimization company IndiaWe provide search engine optimization services which include :
    • Website Internet marketing.
    • Seo training.
    • Website seo analysis and advertising.
    • Sales page optimization to increase your sales.
    • Coaching, optimization of email for email marketing.

    Your best customers may still be strangers, searching for you.We’re dedicated to turning strangers not only into customers, but customers who are advocates for you…helping you expand your network, your business…and sending referrals to you.

    That’s why you need us, why you want us to work with you…even if you don’t know us, yet.

    Maybe we ought to get to know one another.The personalized support that we provide for you, designing approaches that are so easy to implement that they seem natural…can help you bring people who used to be strangers to you, so you and they can discover if you are a good match — and if so, it’ll be natural to do business with you…they’ll want to to business with you!

    (We don’t know of anyone else who offers search engine optimization in India the way we do…see below for details.)

    You may be surprised at how much we are willing to do for you, to help make this easy for you. We can help you with:

    • Strategies that are designed for you, practical, and that work for you.
      • Learn about Mutual Attraction Marketing.
      • Learn what works best for you, and to continually improve your results. 
      • Expand and grow in seemingly stagnant markets.
      • Learn what works best in tough times.
    • Tools that are easy to use.
      • A Marketing Message that Attracts the right Customers & Clients Like a Magnet.
      • Increase Word of Mouth.
      • Get Free Publicity.
      • Internet Marketing Made Easy – it really can be easy.  Surprised?
    • Training that makes it easier for you to do for yourself, for as long as you want.
      • You won’t need us forever, yet
      • You can have as much support as you want!
    • Personal support that you’ll be delighted with. No one offers better support!
    • Everything we offer is included in our monthly fee – there are 

no extra charges.
You may be delighted at how safe you are, doing business with us:

  • You only pay a monthly fee, & you can stop anytime.
    • We have several monthly plans for you to choose from. Ask for details. 
  • INR 15000 a month – Premium Plan
    • ADVANCED SEO + 4 Sessions a month with a Senior Marketing Coach
  • INR 9500 a month – Our most Popular Plan
    • COMPLETE SEO + 2 Sessions with a Senior Marketing Coach, plus
    • 2 Sessions with an Facebook Marketing Coach
  • INR 4500 a month – Our Budget Plan
    • BASIC SEO + LINK Building + 4 Sessions with a Social Marketing Coach
    • Additional Options – for those that want it:
  • INR 12000 a month – Executive Plan
    • 4 Sessions a month with a Senior Web Marketing Expert
    • Advertising, Web Sites, & Other Writing that Sells is included
    • Access to Additional Expertise – Our Associate Consultants & Coaches in INDIA.
  • $ 20 a month – Budget Plan, Senior Marketing Coach
    • A single Session with a Senior Marketing Coach
  • $ 20 an hour for Writing that Sells
    • For Web Pages, Brochures, Advertisements, etc.
    • On occasion, we work on a project basis, which is not suitable 

    for everyone. You pay for measurable results.

    • We’ll gladly provide you with references, just ask.
    • We guarantee your complete satisfaction, unconditionally, or your money back (for that month, of course).  No questions asked, no special conditions. You ask for it, we refund it. Period.

    Internet Marketing Made Easy

    • We make it easy for you. (That’s still all too rare, on the internet!)
    • We’ll show you how to have a web site that attracts customers, and sells.
    • Designs that don’t frustrate customers, that load fast, & look professional.
    • We’ll even host your web site for you, for free, while you are our client.
    • We’ll even help you with a first draft of your web site, as an extra bonus.

    Marketing off the Internet can be effective, too!

    • It doesn’t have to be expensive.
    • Google Advertising can produce measurable  results.
    • The best marketing often is not advertising, and costs much less!
    • The best marketing is free – PR & customer referals…and we’ll show you practical and easy ways of doing that…that nearly every business ignores.

    The Missing Ingredient is too often a Simple one: Insight!

    • Too much marketing theory, or a favorite one…that it isn’t practical – isn’t enough.
    • Even when a marketing approach is practical, it may not be right for you.
    • You need Insight to help you re-discover who your best customers really are.
    • What it is that they want so much that they’ll gladly pay you well.
    • How to position and explain your offerings so that they are extremely attractive – and only attractive to the right people.  This means prospects, inquiries and customers that are a good match for you and your business, saving you time, trouble and money. This takes Insight…that’s one of our specialties.
    • We provide the Insight you need.

You Can Have:

    • Internet Marketing That is Designed Specifically for You.
    • Upgrade Your Marketing, Renew Your Focus,
    • New Direction for a Changing Marketplace:
    • Receive Insight, Practical Support, & Help.
    We Provide You with Customized Strategies, Training, Tools,
    & Personal Support.


    We’ll gladly show you how.  Want a Free Consultation?
    Give us an hour and we’ll show you how to
    improve your marketing &  business.
    Email, or call, India: (+91) 9867676363



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