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Jimmy's Value World is a search engine optimization company from India which offers Seo services, Search engine optimization training, website promotion , email marketing and Website seo analysis along with services like , Software development and Web development.

Search engine optimization of your website also includes Website promotion to bring your website ranking on the top search results of various search engines. We specialize in , and . With a very high success rate combined with the best prices you can be confident when choosing us as your search engine optimization consultants.

We offer affordable search engine optimization : Just call us at +91-9867676363/1-484-313-9785 or email us here and you will be amazed to see what all we can do for you at the low prices charged by us.

We follow a step by step procedure :
  • Website analysis : Analyse your website and provide you a report as to what all can be done regarding :

    1. Html coding.
    2. Page design.
    3. Scripting in the page.
    4. Tags used.
    5. What all things you should use in your webpage to get top ranking.
    6. What is hindering your website to get the top positions.
    7. Page content.

  • Keyword analysis : Help you choose what all keywords you should target to get the maximum out of your website.
  • Optimize your website : The webpages will be optimized according to the keywords you are targeting. This will also include tweaking of content, modification of title tags, meta tags etc.
  • Submission of website : We will submit your website to the directories and other search engines manually and using our inhouse software.
  • Indexing websites : We can get your new pages, new domains indexed faster on Search engines which will otherwise take weeks or months.
  • Links : We will help you get a better PageRank with Link exchange and one way links.
  • Updates : Keep your website updated with the changing search engine optimization and promotion trendz.
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You may check some of our results below :

FREE email extractor

Free email extractor

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Free history eraser

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Rss submitter

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(Note : We specialize in Google rankings , Msn rankings , Alexa rankings & Yahoo listings)

Seo Services
    Yahoo listing
  1. Report after website Analysis. - Check it out FREE.
  2. Website submission and webpage tweaking.
  3. Submission of URL to search engines and directories.
  4. Finding high PR sites for you (high pagerank links) for reciprocal linking, link exchange(link swapping).
  5. Extract target emails and optimization of email.
  6. TOP Yahoo listing and promotion though RSS solutions.
  7. Search engine optimization and Submission to thousands of search engines, portals and directories that will increase your Pagerank.
  8. Asp , Php and cgi scripts for SEO.
Softwares (Do it yourself)
    Blog reader software
  1. Rss Solution package - Rss feeds, Aggregator, Rss Software and Script, RSS submitter and get listed on YAHOO free
  2. Website submitter - Submit your website to major search engines.
  4. Rankbooster 1.0 - Get hits and Increase your excite and alexa ranking.
  6. Jvw Google Rank Booster software - One of the best softwares in the marketing for Pagerank which can help you in finding a sites popularity on google.Also helps in reciprocal linking.
  7. Article extractor for content - Extracts content before your coffee gets cold.
  8. Jvw Spam filter cutter 1.0 - Software for email optimization.
  9. Search engine optimization training videos package.

Some facts you need to know before you choose your Search engine optimization company in India or an SEO specialist - :

  • Unlike our competitors we do not do dirty Doorway tricks or Spamming to get a higher ranking on the search engines as such tactics can get your website banner. We do the entire SEO procedure in a clean and professional manner. It is very important to stay away from such SEO companies that do tricks which might get your website banned by the major search engines.

  • We actually guide and educate the client (Search engine optimization training) as to how the whole procedure is done and work with the client as a team to improve their website ranking. There is absolutely nothing hidden from our SEO INDIA client leading to full transperency.

  • We DO NOT guarantee #1 ranking.It is impossible to guarantee #1 rankings."No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on search engine like Google - Beware of SEO companies that claim a special type of relationship with Google or other search engines. We can however give you the best rankings for your website like we have done in the past with our other clients.

  • We will also help you in submission of your website to top sites and directories to increase your popularity. Note : Continually submitting to search engines again and again will not help you in any way.

  • Importance of tweaking your Website content and meta tags. Many SEO companies in India do not value the importance of this. If you think meta tags are old then think again. You can get a good ranking on MSN by paying importance to webpage meta tags.
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