Jvw has multiple options for Web Development and web site design to suit every organization’s needs.

Please choose the package of your choice and let us know here, you may also visit our thank you page to view the testimonials.

The below packages are outdated. View the latest web design package here and here…


Package 1Jvw-webpage – Includes simple html page designing with graphics. Best for companies and individual who want a product page, introduction page made. Comprehensive site which includes


  • Html Page making, CSS
  • Editing pages
  • Product/software display page
  • With without domain name/hosting

    Package 2 : Jvw-website – Package 1 + Below*.This option is best for individual and companies who want to keep a log/track of visitors that have visited their site. The feedback form is used to get the visitor’s feedback/comments/suggestions/inquiry.


  • Contact form
  • Hit counter
  • Website monitoring

    Package 3Jvw-Graphics – Beautifying the website with the below*
    Includes making pictures/images/logo for your website with option of package 1 and/or package 2.


  • Flash and applets
  • Graphics designing.
  • Image editing.
  • Logo designing.

    Package 4Jvw-Scripting – Any or all of the package options above and the below*
    This option is suitable for companies/individual who want more from their website than just static html pages. Package includes Jscript / Javascript / activex scripting for your website.


  • Scripting/Advanced scripting for web.
  • Customization of scripts.
  • Dynamic effects/DHTML.

    Package 5Jvw-Server Any or all of the above packages with the below*
    Best for companies/individuals who wish to keep a record of their customers/clients/buyers/sellers/etc.


  • XML pages
  • Asp/asp.NET/Jsp/Php support
  • Database support on Access/Ms-SQL/My-SQL.

    Package 6Jvw-Ecommerce – Any or all of the package options plus the below*.

    Best for companies who sell products/subscription from their website. Includes complete ecommerce integration.


  • Ecommerce enabling
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Live support script for windows. For latest on web designer, seo and logo designing please check out: http://www.jimmythakkar.com/

The above 6 packages are outdated. View new Jvw Web design packages here and here.