We DO NOT Guarantee Any Rankings

We Guarantee RESULTS !

It is a weird thing to find this statement on the page of a company that provides search engine optimization services.

This is a fact.

We do not guarantee any rankings. Nobody can…

If you are looking for a company that will guanratee you top rankings then I can show you thousands of Seo companies that will guarantee you top rankings but will only suck you dry of your money and leave you mid way with your site nowhere to be found on the search engines. Even if you get a first page ranking then how long will that last? Nobody knows…

Here is a piece of advice : stay away from such companies. Google itself states on their website that no Seo company can guarantee you rankings. Well if you think such SEO companies are bigger then Google or you wish to take a risk and get your website in trouble with Google or Bigger search engines like Bing then leave right now. Try your luck 🙂

Web Site Search Engine Optimization Services We Offer

Below is the list of services we provide as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned :


  • Coding : Creating and validating proper HTML and XHTML code for you that is validated by W3c.
  • Seo : Keyword analysis, Website analysis, Competitive analysis and complete “On page” Search engine optimization.
  • Sem : Complete Search engine marketing with Link building, PPC, Forum posting, Directory submission and Popularizing your site through Social marketing.
  • Blogs : Blog promotion through high quality one way links and blog commenting. Also using techniques to popularize your blogs by using effective seo plugins for your wordpress blog.
  • Sales :
    web site search engine optimization
    1. Email optimization for email marketing.
    2. Product promotion and marketing.
    3. Website look optimization.
    4. Sales page analysis.
    5. Sales page optimization.
    6. Seo oriented Web site Creation / Editing of page using Sales Trigger checklist.

    Search engine optimization for web siteWe follow the simple rules of Search Engine Optimization.

    Testimonial – “Just a short note to tell you that was the best money I have ever spent getting your report! I simply followed the step-by-step, detailed analysis that you provided for my site’s search engine optimization. It’s like the old saying, When you a ready to learn, the Master will appear. Thanks very much for you assistance!”.

    Sam McCord

    Our Web Site Search Engine Optimization Services
    are only to Improve your business online

    We do not just optimize your site using search engine optimization. We offer the complete package which will help you not only improve traffic to your site but also improve your sales because what good is a ranking if it does not convert to a sales or an inquiry.

    We believe the best way you can improve your presence is by following a a simple yet smart technique that most webmasters fail to follow.

    It is with the use of these simple and white hat seo techniques that we have managed to gain :


    1. Rankings 2. Sales 3. Customers
    bing ranking Improve earnings Testimonials



    Search engine optimization advice

    We follow simple rules for web site search engine optimization. The client must know everything. This is the reason why we also provide search engine optimization training as one of our services. Most SEO companies provide only packages which cost anything from $99 to $3999 per month. The client is then stuck with these seo companies without any option. We at Jvw offer search engine optimization consultancy in the form of advice and action where the client can choose the services according to their need and not according to the fixed packages which we have to offer. This means more flexibility for the customer.

    You can choose one or all from the below options :


     Website analysis and Report
     Keyword Analysis and Competition Analysis
     Search engine optimization training
     Article Marketing
     Website Submission
     Press Release Submission
     Directory Submission
     Blog Marketing / Blog Commenting
     Blog Creation / WordPress
     Pr1-Pr6 Backlinks / Edu Backlinks
     PPC / Website Marketing
     Product Marketing
     Alexa Rankings
     Videos Creation and Videos Marketing
     Reputation Management



    Search engine optimization cost

    We offer the best Web site Search engine optimization pricing in the market. You can choose and customize your seo package according to your requirement and you will be charged accordingly. Please see below our list of affordable search engine optimization packages.


    Features Jvw Seo Pack Jvw Promotion Pack Jvw Seo/Sem Pack
    Meta tags & Html validation
    Css and Javascript
    Webpage optimization
    Keyword Analysis (Software)
    Competition analysis (Software)
    Complete Website analysis
    Links boosting
    Search engine submission
    Submission to directories
    Blog and Rss promotion
    Complete Articles solution
    Social Bookmarking/Web 2.0
    Advanced Website promotion
    Sales promotion